childhood and Right


The problem of children rights during the child hood are of health, nutrition, earlier childhood
development, education, protection and access to water, sanitation and hygiene
The underlying cause of the majority of these problems is the poverty of rural households.
The poverty is related to a low agriculture productivity and profitability
The low productivity is linked to degraded land in terms of soil organic matter, depleted soils and
vulnerability to climate change effects and low financial capacity of farmers to invest in land
restauration and soil fertility reclamation practices.
In many developing countries, agriculture contributes to a high percent of total employment for the
active population.
This means that Agriculture is the cornerstone of children rights in this socio-economic context.
The problems of children are also of sport, leisure and entertainment
In the rural areas children do lack access to sport and leisure and entertainment infrastructures and
This limits the expression of talent in sport, leisure and entertainment at adolescent and adulthood.
We promote activities that improve children rights
Our areas of interventions

  • Maternal registration

  • Health,

  • Nutrition,

  • Earlier childhood development,

  • Education,

  • Protection and access to water,

  • Sanitation and hygiene

  • Sport

  • Leisure

  • Entertainment