Bishop Deogratias Gashagaza

Our Staff

Bishop Alfred Gatabazi 


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bishop Deo Gashagaza

Deputy CEO

Alfred Gatabazi is founder of Bridge Africa International is  leader with a various experience in different domains ranging from multiple types of business companies and founder of social organizations, which empowered him to emerge to different executive leadership positions.
A graduate o
f Makerere University in Uganda, he leads joint business companies mostly in Asian countries, as an entrepreneur at the level of managing director in china, Hong Kong and south Korea. With the heart of serving Africa to solve social challenges, worked in international organizations like World Vision, and others, he again started to join hands with others to promote self-reliance, peace building, women and Children advocacy in African torn war countries, that is what sparked him to come up with the vision shared and thus he is founding member of Bridge Africa Solution where he is currently serving as the CEO
In his ministerial duties, Alfred is the founder and Legal Representative of Beth Ammi Christian Fellowship Church, he is the Board  member of the Rwanda Umbrellas of Church in Rwanda, and he is the Partner  of Lift them Up International, New City fellowship church 
In his expertise, Alfred is well experienced in strategic leadership and advocacy, public speaking, engagement and networking. He is married and the father of seven Children

Bishop Deogratias Gashagaza; is co-founder of Bridge Africa International  the current Executive Director of Prison Fellowship Rwanda a humanitarian nongovernmental organization operating in Prisons to promote Unity, Restore Peace and reconciliation. He has advocated for proper unity and practical unity and reconciliation right from the 1994 Genocide.

Samuel N’TCHO






Samuel N’TCHO is a graduated teacher of Biology and Geology in Hight School in Cote d’Ivoire. He was a Special Adviser to the Minister of Education in his country in charge of crisis solving among school stakeholders. Member of the Commission for Education Reform, Samuel has been decorated as Knight of the National Order of Merit for service rendered to the Ivorian School.

Leader of the Africa Evangelical Youth, Samuel N’TCHO joined the national Prison Fellowship ministry in 1992 as volunteer while serving as high school Biology teacher. Five year later, Samuel was elected Board Chairperson of the National Prison Ministry.

In 2001, the PFI General Secretariat based in Washington DC, set up the concept of Regional Leadership Team (RST) to take care of countries in different regions. Samuel was appointed leader of the RST for the Francophone Africa Region. Later Samuel was recruited as fulltime PFI Regional Director for Africa.

While serving with PFI family, Samuel attended multiple trainings at PFI Leadership Training Institute (LTI). Certified, he became Leadership Course facilitator at the Institute.

Samuel just completed 30 years involvement with Prison Ministry. He is bringing to Bridge Africa International a huge experience of working with vulnerable populations: prisoners, prisoners’ families with special programs for children in the areas of safety, Education and Spiritual Resilience. 

Married to Stephanie his wife since February 1987, Samuel is father of two lovely daughters and grandfather of 3 adorable grandchildren.

Dan has worked in the Banking Industry for five and a half years; served in the Operations Specialist and later as the Information Security analyst. Currently runs a Tax Consultancy Business in the United States where he lives and now has been called to serve and expand Bridges' Horizons.


 Fundraiser officer

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Chantal Assi

Executive ASSISTANT 


Chantal Assi a mother of 4 children is a native of Cote D’Ivore  (Ivory Coast). She studied English at Cambridge University in London and thereafter  pursued Computer Science (BETEC) at Wandsworth College, in London. She has closely worked with Global influencers in the Church space, like Dr. Fred Davis, a U.S.A based, now director of a west African Bible College - Dr, Frank Parrish, Director of World Map Ministry, who specially works to train leaders of the Church. Richard Green of Keystone Project, leads in raising the 4th generation of Disciples. Chantal has also worked with Dr. Seok Jeon Yoon who has been heavily invested in expanding Places of worship in Africa through Church planting initiatives. Dr. Seoul Jeon Yoon has been a faithful Partner in the ministry of furthering Gods Kingdom. Her extensive works and partnerships has made Chantal’s reputation in the Continent of Africa and beyond, truly supersedes her age in Ministry. Today, Chantal stands on the fore-front of Continental and global advocating for Vulnerable Children and women who have been victimized.


Ghana country director 

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-29 at 2.31.59 PM.jpeg the Chief Executive Officer of Kofenat Rock Enterprise and also the founder of Christ's Ambassadors For Nations, a Non-Governmental Organisation based in Ghana.

Mr. Amenyinyor is an entrepreneur, and has ventured into many businesses and investments, including exports of fruit juice from his company, Kofenat Rock Enterprise, to West African countries like Togo, Cote d'Ivoire, Burkina Faso and Niger.

He does exports and imports of tropical products in and out of West Africa.

He also represents a number of foreign companies in West Africa. 
He is the International Development Director for Elephant Oil Ltd. (UK), that is into Oil and Gas exploration. He is the Resident Director of Hopeland (France), the Sales Representative for Bellingham & Stanley Ltd. (UK) and many other companies. 

Mr Christopher Kofi Amenyinyor is also an Evangelist/Missionary and a member of Triumph Assemblies of God church, Ghana, who preaches the gospel in and outside Ghana. He has so far preached in countries like Togo, Benin, Cote D'Ivore, Burkina Faso, D. R. Congo and also some cities in the U.K, including London, Manchester, Leed and Sheffield.


chief of programs 


Pascal Rushemuka holds a PhD from Liege university, Belgium in 2014 and a MSc. in Agronomy and Environment Management of the same university in 2004. He has worked for 19 years (2002-2021) for the former Rwanda Agriculture Research Institute (ISAR) now integrated in the current Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB). In ISAR/RAB, his research in Lime Project has transformed the unproductive acid soils of Nyaruguru and Nyabagabe Districts, in the Congo-Nile Crest region, into productive ones. The region used to be home of hunger and chronic malnutrition but now is the food basket of Butare town in Huye District, southern province. Also, his research in the project Sustainable Intensification of Maize-Legumes in Eastern and Southern Africa (SIMLESA), has provided evidence about the importance of Conservation Agriculture Finally, his research in Green Project has highlighted the importance of integrating Agroforestry and Conservation Agriculture for a Regenerative and Climate Resilient Agriculture. During his career, Dr Rushemuka has collaborated with many international organisations such as AGRA, CIMMYT, FAO. He has attended many international conferences in Africa, US and Australia. Dr Rushemuka is the founder and CEO of the Africa Regreening for A regenerative Agriculture and climate Resilient Agriculture (AfRRA), Dr Rushemuka is a hardworking and inspired scientist with publications in peer reviewed journals.

He is also very active in social medias:

His current vision is to help African countries to transform their Agriculture in a Regenerative way.




Terry Henning is president of TWH Consulting. The firm’s focus is lean manufacturing and organizational efficiency. He is retired from Ford Motor Company after over 30 years, and his last assignment was Stamping Engineering Manager for North America. He has global experience in all phases of tool construction and new model launch. Terry has been an elder for over 25 years and has shown a passion for elder care and the associated ministries. He has a BA from the University of Michigan and an MSA from Central Michigan University. He has been married to his wife, Sandra, for over 40 years, has three children and ten grandchildren. He enjoys traveling, camping, spending time with his family, and bicycling in his spare time.